Meet the team


Office Administrator

Susana is the proverbial oil in the company wheels. Her role is varied and no two days are the same. She is the main point of contact for our host families, and local organisers. She provides support to the Director with various tasks, and always maintains a polite and professional attitude.

Her passions include Art and Sustainable Fashion. She enjoys sewing and regularly works on personal projects in refurbishing used materials with the aim of reducing waste.


Junior Web Developer

John graduated from Queen Mary University with a Computer science and Multimedia degree. As a junior web developer, his role is to create, maintain and support the company websites and contribute to ongoing development by providing innovative solutions to complex problems.

An interesting fact about John is that his main passion is Dancing, and he regularly practices after work.


social media & Digital Marketing Manager

Ryan’s main responsibility is making sure all our sister company’s social media platforms are always growing by responding to the engagement from the public. He is also the brains behind the creative content and motivational posts on these pages. His portfolio includes captivating and arousing public interest. which increases engagement on these Social Media pages.

A fun fact about Ryan is that he was at the Manchester derby in 2011 where he saw Wayne Rooney score the winning goal against Manchester City late in the game with a bicycle kick.


Digital Media Apprentice

Jacob is a Level 3 Digital Media apprentice here at Astute Homestay. Working behind the scenes, producing/ directing videos for the social media platforms.

He has a great passion for film art. He is keen on creating, filming, and editing videos fascinated by its structural hierarchy. He hones and builds his fierce creative skills here and is motivated to bring something new to the world of social media.

In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and jogging with friends to have a healthy lifestyle as his role involves a lot of movement during the day.


Digital Media Apprentice

Mateusz is a Digital Media apprentice here at Astute Homestay, a part of the team behind the scenes of the company’s social media platform.

He has a great passion and interest in the art of filmmaking and cinematography. He is enticed by its structural layers and eager to create, shoot and edit videos. He aspires to refine and build on his creative skill here at Astute and bring something new to the social media world.

Some of his hobbies include cycling, swimming and football to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. Mateusz has a taste for all sort of foods from different cultures, priding himself on being a ‘Foodie’ in multicultural London.