Our Homestay Accommodation

We offer a large network of homestay services which can be accessed with or without the need for enrolling on one of our English courses.

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Why Homestay

Our homestay service is outstanding and cost effective. All host families are vetted and carefully selected for your safety and comfort. School groups on educational trips particularly enjoy using our homestay services because it’s excellent value for money.

Our hosts will give you the opportunity to participate in everyday life activities with the aim of helping you advance your English communication skill through practice. This experience will show you a side of the English language that is not taught in formal education.

All our hosts will provide you with 3 prepared hot meals per day, plus a packed lunch whenever needed. The homestay package includes clean bedding, towels, products to maintain your general hygiene, plus a weekly washing of your clothes.

We take our time to carefully match you to the most appropriate host, making sure to accommodate any personal requirements you may have relating to food, allergies, access requirements, and other personal preferences.

Welfare & Safety

  • Our Welfare Officers ensure the health and safety of our students are maintained throughout their stay via scheduled homestay visits. 
  • All our host’s homes are inspected to ensure all health and safety requirements are up to standards. 
  • We liaise with all our homestay hosts to ensure all the personal needs of our students are met. 
  • Clean bedding, towels, sanitary/hygiene products, weekly washing of clothes and other necessities are provided by our hosts.
  • Our hosts provide 3 prepared hot meals per day, plus a packed lunch when needed.
  • We maintain access to 24 hour emergency contact with school groups.
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See everyday life in an English home​

Get in touch with British culture​

Speak English in a relaxed environment​

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